Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Fair Value Measurements

Fair Value Measurements
12 Months Ended
Dec. 28, 2023
Fair Value Disclosures [Abstract]  
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Measurements
As of December 28, 2023 and December 29, 2022, the Company had certain financial assets and liabilities on its Consolidated Balance Sheets that were required to be measured at fair value on a recurring or non-recurring basis. The estimated fair values of financial assets and liabilities such as cash and cash equivalents, receivables, prepaid expenses and other current assets, other assets, accounts payable, and accrued expenses and other current liabilities approximate their respective carrying values as reported within the Consolidated Balance Sheets. Refer to Note 1, “Summary of Significant Accounting Policies” and Note 15, “Acquisitions” for a discussion of the valuation of goodwill and intangible assets, respectively. See Note 10, “Debt” for discussion of the fair value of the Company’s debt.
Recurring Fair Value Measurements
As of December 28, 2023, the contingent earn-out liabilities had an aggregate estimated fair value of $11.1 million, of which $5.9 million is included in accrued expenses and other current liabilities and $5.2 million is included in other liabilities within the Consolidated Balance Sheets. The Company’s contingent earn-out liabilities are classified as Level 3 within the fair value hierarchy due to the use of unobservable inputs that are significant to their respective valuations. For the fiscal year ended December 28, 2023, $2.6 million was recognized in general and administrative expense within the Consolidated Statements of Operations and Comprehensive Income related to increases in the fair value of the contingent earn-out liabilities. The table below summarizes changes in contingent earn-out liabilities during the fiscal year ended December 28, 2023.
in thousands Contingent Earn-out Liabilities
Balance at December 29, 2022
$ 11,019 
Acquisition (1)
Fair value adjustments 2,609 
Payments (5,241)
Balance at December 28, 2023
$ 11,137 
(1)    During the fiscal year ended December 28, 2023, the Company acquired a seller of commercial surfaces for total consideration of $20.1 million, including $17.4 million of cash and contingent earn-out consideration with an estimated fair value of $2.8 million. The estimated fair value of the contingent earn-out consideration was determined using a discounted cash flow model which included significant unobservable inputs related to projected revenue and gross margin. Payout of the contingent consideration is subject to the acquired company’s achievement of certain annual gross margin and gross profit targets in fiscal years 2023 through 2025. A portion of these earn-out opportunities is payable each year only to the extent the applicable performance targets for that year are met, with a maximum potential payout of $4.0 million requiring that each of the individual annual targets are achieved. Refer to Note 15, “Acquisitions” for additional information.
The Company determined the fair value of the portion of the contingent earn-out liabilities related to the fiscal 2021 acquisition of Spartan with assistance from a third-party valuation specialist using a Monte Carlo valuation method with significant unobservable inputs, including the following weighted-average assumptions as of December 28, 2023, and December 29, 2022:
December 28,
December 29,
Discount rate 13.0% 13.5%
Revenue volatility 21.0% 18.6%
EBITDA volatility 40.0% 35.0%
Interest Rate Cap Contracts
The Company has outstanding interest rate cap contracts that were valued primarily using Level 2 inputs based on data readily observable in public markets. The Company's interest rate cap contracts were negotiated with counterparties without going through a public exchange. Accordingly, the Company's fair value assessments for these derivative contracts gave consideration to the risk of counterparty default as well as the Company's own credit risk. As of December 28, 2023 and December 29, 2022, the total fair value of the Company's interest rate cap contracts was approximately $1.8 million and $5.9 million, respectively, which are presented as a component of accumulated other comprehensive income (“AOCI”) within stockholders’ equity on the Consolidated Balance Sheets net of tax of $0.4 million and $1.4 million, respectively.
Non-recurring Fair Value Measurements
Except for the acquisition-related fair value measurements described in Note 15, “Acquisitions,” there were no assets or liabilities as of December 28, 2023 or December 29, 2022 that resulted from fair value measurements made on a non-recurring basis.